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TELETUBE Pneumatic Transport Systems
Your complementary means of communication


By their nature banks have a wide range of applications:

- head-office or regional office
- large or small bank-branches
- 'open' or with bullet-proof glass
- with or without ATM

Any bankbranch can make good use of pneumatic systems to improve security and as a working tool. Even a small distance between two secured offices or floors can be very time-consuming.

Head office, regional offices

If files, non-standard documents like books or reports, packages of banknotes or coins have to be conveyed between 2 or many more working areas, then the RALLYPOST rail conveyer might be a better solution than pneumatic tube transport. Railconveyers offer total intercommunication, with loads of up to 10kg.

For smaller documents or cash transport, the BMF system (Bank Multi Function) or MultiCom are two most powerful working tools, offering total intercommunication. Both applications have been specially designed for use within the banking environment.


In large or small bank branches, the BMF system is the most secure and flexible system worldwide for all operations between the tills and the back-office. It keeps funds out of the public area in open bank branches.

Specific links from point A to B and vice versa, from one floor to another, or to convey many bundles of banknotes from the safe area to the ATM area can be served by the Papyrus system.

The RNF-LNE is a specialised solution for use with automatic cash dispensers and ATM-like applications.

For big and heavy loads, such as coins, the 315mm diameter systems will handle up to 40kg. Eventually the RALLYPOST rail conveyer might be a more convenient option.

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