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TELETUBE Pneumatic Transport Systems
Your complementary means of communication


By their nature hospitals have some typical applications: mainly conveying large numbers of bloodsamples from many places to the laboratory, quickly and safely, thus saving valuable time for the medical and nursing staff. Other items include: drugs, medicines, cytostatics, plasma pockets, other samples, documents, cash from the tills, and so on.

General applications

If all or many of the abovementioned items have to be conveyed between many working areas the MultiCom is a most powerful working tool, offering total intercommunication.

On a smaller scale the MultiPoint or MultiNavette S systems may be the best choice.

A short distance between two or more floors often means a very time consuming displacement for the personnel. In those cases, a Papyrus point to point system can help to save valuable time.


Specific links may be better served by a direct 'private' Papyrus line:

- between 2 floors
- between Operating quarter and Labo
- between pharmacy and emergency quarter

For larger capacities, the 160mm diameter system offers more comfort than the more commonly used 110mm.


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