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TELETUBE Pneumatic Transport Systems
Your complementary means of communication

Office and administration

By their nature public or private administrations have some typical applications. The pneumatic transport system is mainly used for conveying all kind of documents to and from several offices, quickly and safely, thus saving valuable time for the staff.

Users range from Ministries, International organisations, Insurance companies, headquarters of Banks, Corporations, Military, Shipping or Airline Companies to local Newspaper editors and Stockbrokers.

All applications

If documents have to be conveyed between many destinations the MultiCom with its 110mm diameter is a most powerful working tool, offering total intercommunication.

On a smaller scale the MultiPoint or MultiNavette S may be a better choice.

A small distance between two or more floors can be very time-consuming. In such case, the Papyrus can save a lot of valuable time.

If files, non-standard documents like books or reports, or larger packages have to be conveyed between 2 or many more working areas the RALLYPOST is the most flexible solution, offering total intercommunication, with loads up to 10kg.

Some special links may be better served by several 'private' Papyrus links, instead of an integrated system. For large capacity applications, the 160mm diameter might be preferred over the usual 110mm.

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