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TELETUBE Pneumatic Transport Systems
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By their nature supermarkets have one main application: cash evacuation from the checkouts to a safe area, or even directly into the safe. This applies also for shops, petrol stations, movie theatres, casinos, restaurants and hotels, or any other area involved with much incoming cash.

Cash evacuation

When cash has to be evacuated from a single check-out to the safe area, the MoneyVac is the best value-for-money solution. This DIY-system is delivered as a kit, that is extremely easy to install.

For multiple check-outs the MultiSafe is the right choice. It provides a system that can be extended at any time.

Cash exchange in two directions

If the central office needs to send to the check-outs as well, then the MultiNavette S is the recommended solution.

Sometimes, a more convenient option might be to add a two-way Papyrus system between the central office and one of the check-outs.

Specific links

Banknotes are usually send in capsules or in carriers using a MultiSafe system. But they can also be sent using single-use, 'parachute sealbags' (110mm systems). Usually, the sealbags are sent directly into the safe to be collected by the security transport company. All employees remain accountable for the content of their sealbags.

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