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BMF - Bank Multi Function

The BMF (Bank Multi Function) system is designed for small or large 'open' bank branches where highest security standards have to match the need for an open and friendly environment for the customer.

How it works

Basic security features of the BMF are that:

- cash money should only be present in the public area when needed
- only in the smallest amount needed
- accessible only to the Bank employee according to his allowance
- keeping each employee 100% accountable for his cash transactions in/out

But the BMF is a communication system as well:

- evacuation of large deposits to the secure area, without any possible recall
- specific demands to the back-office: foreign currencies, credit card, etc...
- exchanges between the users, e.g. documents to be signed by the manager

Most users are Banks, but the feature to keep confidential documents or valuables safely stored until the specific recipient logs-in can offer many possibilities, e.g. in the gold & diamond trade, or any place where people operate in different shifts ( keys, money, etc..).

Each employee has access to 1 or several carriers, that are exclusively allocated to him. The carriers are accessible only after introducing the personal pin-code. The carrier(s) contain(s) the cash needed for daily transactions. The carriers are kept in 1 or more stocking unit(s) in a secure area. When cash money is needed for a customer withdrawal, one of the carrier(s) is called. When a customer makes a deposit, the same carrier is called for the deposit. Incoming money is thus used for outgoing payments.

The system allows for simultaneous operations on different tills.


The BMF system is fully configurable, offering possibilities for access tables, access times, time-outs, time-delays, alarm generation and detection, fraude detection,...

Different stations exist, offering upwards, downwards frontal or lateral departure and arrival. The BMF-stations are incorporated into the furniture, right in front of the user, for his comfort.

Stations with a 'parking' position. These stations allow a second operation to be performed, while they keep one carrier close to the user, yet safely hidden from public view.

Aesthetic plexiglass tubing offers perfect integration in any architectural design. The BMF system can be interfaced to alarm systems.

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