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TELETUBE Pneumatic Transport Systems
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The MoneyVac KIT system is a packed system-in-a-box. The box contains everything you need to install a fully functional one-way tube system.

How it works

MoneyVacThe MoneyVac is a 63mm system. It comes packed in a box, to be installed by the user on a do-it-yourself basis. The gear box contains the control system, the power supply and the blower. It can be mounted on any wall, using the supplied hardware. It is powered from a standard power outlet.

The departure station can be mounted vertical or horizontal. The arrival station can easily be connected to a pierced safe, but this is not required.

Using the system is extremely simple: just insert the capsule in the departure station.

MoneyVac was originally designed for cash evacuation from a checkout to a safe, however, it can be used for any one-way application, arriving into an open receiver or into a safe. Very widespread in small shops or petrol stations. Excellent value for money.

Any major cash present at the till is quickly removed to the safe area. There is less risk of attacks or hold-ups, and in the event of an hold-up, the loss is radically limited.


The MoneyVac KIT in 63mm  exists in two versions: the BASIC and the STANDARD kit.

Feature Basic kit Standard kit
Start sending Push button Automatic
Status indicators None Power & Busy
Tube length 16m 25m
Capsules in kit 3 5
Extendable No Yes (25m kit)

The STANDARD kit can be extended by 25m, using the extension kit.
The BASIC kit can not be extended.

MoneyVac capsuleCapsules come in boxes of 50. They are available in different color combinations, including transparent.

MoneyVac is also available as a rigid tube system, in different tube diameters.

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