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TELETUBE Pneumatic Transport Systems
Your complementary means of communication


The MultiSafe system is a one-direction pneumatic system to send money, mainly banknotes, from several tills to a secure area or directly into a safe.

How it works

Just put the capsule or the carrier with money in the station. It will depart at once or after another sending but cannot be retrieved anymore.

The arrival occurs in a basket in the secure area, or directly into a safe.


Open-end departure stations, sleeve-stations in transparent plexi, or downwards departure stations are available. Arrival is possible into a receiving basket or even directly into your safe.
Single phase 230v 650W up to to tree phase 2,3 Kw turbine.
Up to 1,5kg payload per carrier is possible using standard 110mm tubing.
Steering boxes and central steering unit box.
If required, underground tubing can be installed.
Carriers or sealbags can be used.
The system can easily be connected to your PC for monitoring.

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