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The RNF-LNE system is a high-tech product, designed for use in banking applications. The RNF (Remote Notes Feeder) can load notes from a cash-dispenser and send these notes to the LNE (Local Notes Extractor). At the LNE, the notes can be delivered to the till or to the ATM.

How it works

RNF = Remote Notes Feeder.
LNE = Local Notes Extractor.

This product is intended for use with a cash dispenser. The bundle of banknotes are transported from the RNF (located at the dispenser unit), to the LNE station (located at the points of use). At the LNE station, the notes are delivered in the same way as at the original dispensing unit. Doing so, the RNF/LNE behaves as a physical extension (several 10's of meters) for the cash-dispenser, and it also allows the cash dispenser to deliver money for different locations.

The RNF/LNE systems can be used to feed several desks with exact amounts of cash, automatically delivered from one centralised cash-dispenser. It can also be used to create light-weight ATM machines. These should only contain the user interface, because there is no need for cash storage.

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- Integration in ATM, integration in desks
- Automatic stations
- Cash deposit combined with retrieval

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