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TELETUBE Pneumatic Transport Systems
Your complementary means of communication


Industry has always had the widest range of applications for pneumatic transport: work-orders, transport & customs documents, samples (hot or cold, solid or liquid), or even small parts and tools can all be transported by the PTS system.

Heavy industry

If all or many of the abovementioned items have to be conveyed between several working areas, then the MultiPoint and MultiCom are two of the most powerful working tools, offering both full-featured total intercommunication amongst all services and departments.

Warehouses and logistic companies

For any company, large or small, the MultiPoint would be the best choice to link all the working stations to each other offering total intercommunication.
The MultiNavette S should be preferred when the working stations only send or receive from the main station.

Specific links

Distances can be very long between production hall and central office or laboratory, or from a very distant gate to the head office. Even a small distance between two floors can mean very time-consuming displacements. In those situations, the Papyrus system will link the two distant destinations. Above or underground, rather short or very long, inside or outside through the open field, you name it...

For heavy or large load situations, the Papyrus with 315mm diameter will handle loads up to 40kg.

For very large capacities, eventually our RALLYPOST rail conveyors could do a better job.

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