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TELETUBE Pneumatic Transport Systems
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TELETUBE - A name in pneumatic transport

Teletube pneumatic transportAt the C.P.Bourg company, we build TELETUBE pneumatic transport systems since more than 40 years (watch video). The dedicated TLR-department specialises in the development and manufacturing of equipment for internal logistics.

Pneumatic transport systems: searchterms

Pneumatic transport systems
Container, carrier, shuttle, capsule, or multiple containers, carriers or shuttles or capusles are travelling through tubes
and they transport goods over the tube network. This is called pneumatic transport, PTS or PT.
These tube networks range from several meters to hundreds of meters, feet, yards, up to miles or kilometers even!
The travel speed is about a number of m/s (meters per second). Auf Deutsch heisst das rohrpost.

A tube transport system

There are different manufacturers known, such as Aerocom, Busto, Swisslog, Telecom, Aircosys, Devos, Sumetzberger, Ergotrans.
Pneumatics are used in all kind of applications, banking, supermarket, shop, cash transport.
Some of them commercialise a copy of our MoneyVac under the brandname FastCash or Deposit kit.
But hospitals and clinics use them widely spread for blood and sample transport.
If you are looking to gain time and personnel time loss, think of pneumatics.
Special techniques and capsule pipelines is our specilaity.
Your worldwide partner for Pneumatic Tube Systems
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A belgian product from a manufacturer in Belgium - CP Bourg.
Underground pneumatic transport systems.
If you think of saving time and money with high pay-back rate! These tubemail or tube mail systems are for you. And also the pneumatic dispatch!

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