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TELETUBE Pneumatic Transport Systems
Your complementary means of communication


The MultiCom system is designed to send documents and samples from several working areas to 1 or several other working areas: everyone can send to or receive from everyone, it offers total intercommunication. Users range from Ministries, International organisations, Insurance companies, to headquarters of Banks, Corporations, Military, Shipping or Airline Cies. But it has some features especially designed for Hospitals.

How it works

Just choose your destination and put the carrier in the station. It will depart at once or after another sending: the system keeps your order in memory. Arrival in a basket or on a soft landing platform.


- Multicom+ stations for sending and arrival
- Arrival into a receiving basket or on enclined receiving table
- Single phase 230v 1000Kw up to triphased 2,3kW turbines
- Payload up to 1,5kg
- Special underground tube if required
- Priorities

The Multicom+ is an intelligent system which can take some of your specific wishes into account. The central steering unit can easily be connected to your PC for monitoring.

Independent lines can be interconnected (see animation).


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