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TELETUBE Pneumatic Transport Systems
Your complementary means of communication


The T-mail system is a secure storage and retrieval system. It allows users to store goods that can only be retrieved by the addressee. It is comparable to registered mail.
E-mail messages inform the sender and the addressee of the status of the carrier. As such, the T-mail could be seen as 'physical attachements' to an e-mail.

How it works

When user A wants to send something confidentially and securely to user B, then he has to login at a station, and call an empty carrier. He then puts the goods in the carrier and specifies the addressee ('User B'). When the carrier is sent, it is stored in one of the secure storage locations.

The system will then automatically send a message (e-mail) to the sender and to the addressee to inform them that the carrier is waiting for retrieval.

The addressee can login on any station, and call the carrier. He retrieves the contents of the carrier and sends the empty carrier back.

The system will now again send an e-mail to inform sender and receiver that the carrier has been retrieved. 


Different stations exist, offering upwards, downwards frontal or lateral departure and arrival. The stations can be integrated in the furniture.

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