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TELETUBE Pneumatic Transport Systems
Your complementary means of communication

MultiNavette S

The MultiNavette S system is designed to send documents or samples from several working areas (secondary stations) to 1 central office (main station). The main station can receive from and send back to every secondary station. The secondary stations do not need to communicate with each other.

Typical users are:

- transport or logistic companies: multiple gates, one Central Office
- industry & hospitals: multiple sampling areas, one Laboratory
- supermarkets: multiple check-outs, one Central Office

How it works

At the secondary stations, simply place the carrier in the station and push the start button. It will depart at once or after another ongoing sending. If the station indicates a red light, you'll have to wait for a carrier coming to you.

The main station has two tracks: one for arrival (in a receiving basket), the other one is for sending.
To send from the main station, select the destination, and insert the carrier. There is no need to wait for the arrival of an eventually incoming carrier.


The automatic central station can be replaced with a sleeve station.

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